Living Epistle


Living Epistle

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This unit focuses on the student as a living epistle according to Paul’s letter to Timothy in I and II Timothy in the New Testament of our Holy Bible. Being a living epistle means reflecting God’s light to the world–the truest form of evangelism. The Word must already be in you through God’s will, your study, and a deep love for Him. After that, you will naturally point others to Christ.

Lessons included:

  • Lesson 1: Teach the One, True Doctrine
  • Lesson 2: Give God the Credit
  • Lesson 3: Pray for Others
  • Lesson 4: Improve on Yourself
  • Lesson 5: Be an Example
  • Lesson 6: Don’t Neglect Your Gift
  • Lesson 7: Guard the Faith
  • Lesson 8: Be Bold!
  • Lesson 9: Endure Afflictions
  • Lesson 10: Gentle, Humble, Patient
  • Lesson 11: Continue!
  • Lesson 12: Be Ready at All Times