Followers of Christ


Followers of Christ

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This lesson booklet takes an in-depth look into each of Christ’s followers, the twelve disciples. Some we know much about, such as Peter and John, and others we know not more than just their name, like Simon the Zealot and James the Lesser. Regardless of their notoriety, each one played an important role as disciple and later apostle (although at this time we only focus on their time spent literally following Christ). Perhaps most importantly, and certainly most relevant to us, is the example they leave for each of us today. Not just who they were, but how they followed Christ. We, too, have the opportunity to be disciples. We are followers of Christ.

  • Lesson 1: Andrew
  • Lesson 2: Peter
  • Lesson 3: James the Great
  • Lesson 4: John
  • Lesson 5: Philip
  • Lesson 6: Bartholomew
  • Lesson 7: Matthew
  • Lesson 8: Thomas
  • Lesson 9: James the Lesser
  • Lesson 10: Thaddeus
  • Lesson 11: Simon the Zealot
  • Lesson 12: Judas Iscariot