Fall In Love With God


Fall In Love With God

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A 2 Unit teen Bible study based on biblical truths, Unit 1: Fall In Love With God and Unit 2: Life As Christian.

Unit 1: Fall In Love With God

Often times teens may know of the events, all the leading men and women (David, Moses, Paul, Esther, and Mary), and even many of the spiritual truths included in the Bible. But how much time is invested in truly getting to know the God who orchestrated all of the events; who created, inspired, and guided the people we learn of; and who desires us to learn of those spiritual truths? Understanding more about God will give the Bible student more understanding about all aspects of God’s Word.

Lessons included:

  • Lesson 1: Loving and Caring
  • Lesson 2: Generous
  • Lesson 3: Merciful and Forgiving
  • Lesson 4: Fair
  • Lesson 5: Protector and Healer
  • Lesson 6: Faithful
  • Lesson 7: All-Knowing and Powerful
  • Lesson 8: Righteous

Unit 2: Life As Christian

Many may assume, with all a teen has to deal with day to day, that being a Christian and a teenager at the same time is impossible. However, the Bible clearly deters us from this way of thinking through such examples as David and Timothy. It can and should be done. Solomon, who received wisdom from God even advised youth to seek God early on (Ecclesiastes 11:9,10).

Lessons included:

  • Lesson 9: Starting and Finishing
  • Lesson 10: Your Day
  • Lesson 11: How You Feel
  • Lesson 12: Wherever You Are