The Life and Times of Bible KINGS


The Life and Times of Bible KINGS

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Volume 3, Unit 2

As people rise to public awareness or stardom levels, they often serve as a hero or role model to others. While their every move is often scrutinized with a watchful eye, the impact of their lifestyle and life choices become a matter of public record. The successes or failures of their life thus serve as examples worthy of being imitated or avoided as they illustrate pitfalls and serve as a warning to others. This unit looks to several of the Kings of Judah for spiritual lessons.

What’s Inside:

  • Lesson 1, Acting on Bad Advice
  • Lesson 2, Finishing the Task at Hand
  • Lesson 3, Avoiding Spiritual Decline
  • Lesson 4, Rejecting Emulated Worship
  • Lesson 5, Remaining Calm in a Crisis
  • Lesson 6, Turning Completely to the Lord
Cover Photo: Petra Winkler, Mannheim, Germany