The Advent of Christ


The Advent of Christ

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Volume 2, Unit 7

The celebration of the life of Christ is not an event, nor is it hinged upon a specific season of the year. Commemorative celebrations of Christ, although observed among those of faith in the “Special Services” of the Church, only impart personal value if they are believed, accepted, and manifested in one’s daily walk. To capture all the prophesies and promises of Christ contained in the Bible would require far more writings than are permitted in this unit. The Church, however, both recognizes and celebrates God’s eternal plan, provision, and reward. This unit, thus, will focus on the unique significance of God’s gift to mankind though His only begotten Son Jesus Christ.

What’s Inside:

  • Lesson 1, Christ Promised
  • Lesson 2, Christ’s Birth
  • Lesson 3, His Death, Burial & Resurrection
  • Lesson 4, Christ’s Ascension
  • Lesson 5, In Remembrance of Him
  • Lesson 6, His Promised Return
Cover Photo: Billy Alexander, Charlotte, NC