The Romans Road


The Romans Road

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Volume 3, Unit 3

While the Church is acquainted with Romans Road Evangelism, its outreach message to win the unsaved to Christ must clearly show the road God prescribed that must be taken by all men to be saved. Individuals must see themselves as sinners in light of God’s holiness, understand the depth of God’s love towards them, sincerely and prayerfully long for a personal relationship with God, and hear the good news of the Gospel. This unit is designed as a special evangelistic tool for all who seek God or lead others to God through salvation.

What’s Inside:

  • Lesson 1, None Justified by the Law
  • Lesson 2, All Have Sinned
  • Lesson 3, What Manner of Love
  • Lesson 4, The Choice is Yours
  • Lesson 5, What Must I Do to be Saved
  • Lesson 6, Salvation and the Necessity for Preaching
Cover Photo: Thomas Pate, Temple Terrace, FL