Prevailing in Prayer


Prevailing in Prayer

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Volume 4, Unit 7

Prayer is readily recognized as the means by which one talks to God. It is important, however, that prayer be experienced as two-way communication. While routine prayers tend to be short, infrequent, and most often based upon impending personal need, they deny one the experience of true communion with God. In fact, praying can even become an act performed simply out of a sense of duty or formality and lack any true fellowship with God. To prevail in prayer, however, requires one to seek such a relationship that he is convinced he is not only heard, but receives an answer consistent with God’s character and will. Prevailing in prayer enables one to withstand against all opposing forces, patiently overcome every discouraging challenge, and anchor his faith.

What’s Inside:

  • Lesson 1, Carefulness
  • Lesson 2, Prayerfulness
  • Lesson 3, Watchfulness
  • Lesson 4, Faithfulness
  • Lesson 5, Prudence
  • Lesson 6, Humility