LIFE LESSONS – Learned from the Scriptures


LIFE LESSONS – Learned from the Scriptures

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Volume 2, Unit 4

The inspired Word of God teaches us life lessons that should be applied to every human condition. As we study the scriptures, we discover that there are no experiences common to man that God has not already prescribed a course of action that lead one to a victorious outcome. While it is true that emotions are natural feelings or reactions, how one reacts to them demonstrate his/her surrender to God’s Word, Will, and Way. This unit will focus on a range of emotions experienced by everyone in life, and demonstrate the critical need for the sincere Christian to overcome them.

What’s Inside:

  • Let Go of Missed Opportunities
  • Get Rid of the Need for “MORE”
  • Guard Against Insincere Praise
  • Control the Need to Get Even
  • Pray Through the “What If’s…”
  • Learn to Love and Let Go
Cover Photo: Dave Hiebert, Canada