Tithes, Offerings, and Token Gifts


Tithes, Offerings, and Token Gifts

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Volume 2, Unit 5

These lessons are not a mass appeal to convince one to make sizable financial gifts to ministries in an effort to gain financial prosperity. To the contrary, what we offer God, when and how our gifts are given, are all mandated in God’s Word; and if we are to obey the commands of God, their truths cannot be ignored.

As earnest contenders of the faith, we are responsible to be doers of the Word practicing the holiness it teaches us — even in our giving. Our giving must be executed out of obedience and with spiritual integrity because we seek to gain eternal life. May the value found in God’s Word suffice as you give to God and safeguard you from the temptation of offering “token” gifts, as well as, gifts to be seen of men.

What’s Inside:

  • The Obedience of Tithing
  • The Sacrifice of Giving
  • The Season of Giving
  • The Spirit of Giving
  • The Order of Giving
  • The Cost of Giving