Season of Change


Season of Change

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Keeping Romans 12:2 and 2 Corinthians 5:17 in mind, this booklet encourages and teaches the young reader to go higher and deeper in God. From birth we are brought into sin and we travel down a path, seemingly innocently enough, that leads to death and destruction. Most go through life believing what they are doing is correct, fine, and best for themselves. However, God is calling us to Him through Christ so that we may not only have a better life here on earth, but have eternal life! Now is the “season of change” is which we can discover, learn, and then become all the God has set before us.

The first four lessons deal with “Discovering…”, in which a revealing of oneself takes place. A crucial part of salvation is becoming aware of how wrong and ugly we really are without Christ. But, it’s not left at that. God doesn’t leave you in a broken state.

Lessons 5-8 is about “Learning…”. Learn who Christ is and how He can change your life forever. And yet, we musn’t stay in a state of passive downloading.

The last lessons of this booklet deal with “Becoming…”. Let’s take an active role in this time of change. After time as a caterpillar and time spent in transformation during the cocooning phase, now is time to be a butterfly — become more like Christ, a better person, and an heir of God.