Walking in the Promises of God


Walking in the Promises of God

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Volume 4, Unit 3

Almighty God has given promise to His children. In fact, the Bible records some 3,000+ promises ascribed to all of mankind — saint and sinner alike. Every promise of God, whether given to the Body of Christ at large or spoken very personally and privately to the individual, will assuredly come to pass. The challenge to believer should never be one that questions if God’s promises are certain; but rather that his/her faith and obedience do not waiver; which alone enables the Holy Spirit to shed light on those obstacles that would deter clear vision so they can indeed walk in the promises of God.

What’s Inside:

  • Lesson 1, Time Challenges
  • Lesson 2, Competitive Expectations
  • Lesson 3, Trading Up vs. Down
  • Lesson 4, Alternative Values
  • Lesson 5, Throwing in the Towel
  • Lesson 6, Endurance Struggles
Cover Photo: Dipu Das, Bangladesh