True Worship


True Worship

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Volume 2, Unit 6

Heightened awareness to “praise and worship” the Almighty God is evidenced in today’s Churches. Yet, as Christians ceremonially raise their hands and open their mouths to utter words of adoration to extol God, it is to be feared that many are simply following the lead of their ministers of music or praise leaders. Such practice of worship is indeed intended to usher the individual into a state of reverence for God that elevates his/her appreciation of the nature and character of God. As hands are raised, all over the globe, it is critical that we know what God really requires from our display of homage.

What’s Inside:

  • Lesson 1, Birthed out of Respect
  • Lesson 2, Demonstrated through Tribute
  • Lesson 3, Fueled by Honor
  • Lesson 4, Displayed in Reverence
  • Lesson 5, Revealed through Adoration
  • Lesson 6, Evidenced by Recognition