Spiritually Minded


Spiritually Minded

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Volume 3, Unit 6

The Apostle Paul’s strong doctrinal stance and the value he placed in God’s people being spiritually minded is evidenced in his writing to the churches at Rome, Corinth, and Philippi, as well as through his personal writings to his young protégé Timothy. The closer look at some of his writings through this unit of study will point up both the need to be spiritually minded while considering the dangers of failing to do so.

What’s Inside:

  • Lesson 1, Same Mind
  • Lesson 2, Willing Mind
  • Lesson 3, Lowliness of Mind
  • Lesson 4, One Mind
  • Lesson 5, Fully Persuaded
  • Lesson 6, Sound Mind
Cover Photo: Artem Chemyshevych, Keive, Ukraine