The Unified Message from God’s Prophets


The Unified Message from God’s Prophets

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Volume 3, Unit 4

Throughout the history of fallen man, God demonstrates His love and desire for a relationship with His creation. However, such relationship can only exist with man’s obedience to God’s law. Therefore, God calls and uses ordinary men and women, each experiencing varied difficulties spanning every strata of the human experience (personal, social, political, and religious conditions), to proclaim His will for their lives. This unit will focus on the common theme throughout their messages to discover what our unchanging God still requires for us to genuinely experience a relationship with Him.

What’s Inside:

  • Lesson 1, Separation from Worldly Influence
  • Lesson 2, Loveless Relationship
  • Lesson 3, Religious and Moral Ruin
  • Lesson 4, Pride and Oppression
  • Lesson 5, Lack of Urgency
  • Lesson 6, Repentance Prepares the Way
Cover Photo: Alan Luckow, Scotts Valley, CA