The Power of God Revealed


The Power of God Revealed

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Volume 3, Unit 7

God has always desired for man to know Him for the Master Mind He is. Throughout history He has revealed His power to man in an effort to bring him into a relationship where man willingly surrenders himself and lovingly obeys His laws. This series will look to some of the ways God has revealed His power to His chose people, as well as, through His Son Jesus Christ; while looking to His appeal to modern man.

What’s Inside:

  • Lesson 1, The Power of Healing
  • Lesson 2, The Power of Forgiveness
  • Lesson 3, The Power of Protection
  • Lesson 4, The Power of Prayer
  • Lesson 5, The Power of Restoration
  • Lesson 6, The Power of Life
Cover Photo: Ronny Belien, Belgium