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Volume 4, Unit 8

The call to “revival” is an age-old method by which God summons His people to renewal.  While the effects of wide-spread restoration renews the errant Christian, bringing him/her back to the place where total obedience is willfully rendered to God’s law, it ushers in such demonstrative power that the ungodly are drawn to repentance and saved.  As Christ is lifted up during the time of revival, the Body of Christ (the church) once again reflects the standard of holiness required by God and it experiences great growth.

What’s Inside:

  • Lesson 1, Renewal of Interest
  • Lesson 2, Awakened Fervor
  • Lesson 3, Recover Full Strength
  • Lesson 4, Renewal of Covenant
  • Lesson 5, Power that Attracts Attention
  • Lesson 6, Power that Births New Life