Parables by the Master Teacher


Parables by the Master Teacher

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Volume 4, Unit 6

Storytelling is an age old method of teaching. It’s origin undoubtedly traces back to the earliest accounts of man as everyday truths were imparted generationally by teaching lessons learned from past events through the use of stories surrounding real or imaginary people and events that made them easily understandable and memorable. While much emphasis on storytelling today is purposed to entertain, Biblical accounts prove they served a far more important role in teaching heavenly values. As such, these earthly stories, or parables, shared spiritual application in everyday truths. Jesus proves to be the Master Teacher as His persuasive message taught through a multitude of parables reveal the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. This unit will consider several of the parables taught by the Master.

What’s Inside:

  • Lesson 1, Carefulness
  • Lesson 2, Prayerfulness
  • Lesson 3, Watchfulness
  • Lesson 4, Faithfulness
  • Lesson 5, Prudence
  • Lesson 6, Humility
Cover Photo: Michael Meynsbrughen; Brussels, Belgium