The Mystery of Godliness


The Mystery of Godliness

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Volume 4, Unit 4

God has always wanted to reveal Himself to His creation. In the Old Testament, God revealed His perfect Will through typology and symbols, representing His only begotten Son. In the New Testament, Christ is indeed God manifested in the flesh. It was encumbered upon Apostle Paul to unveil the great mystery of God (Christ Jesus) — the Father’s provision necessary for bringing mankind into a right relationship with God. These lessons will reveal the nature and work of our Lord and Savior, the bridge between God and man, making known and completing God’s redemption plan for mankind.

What’s Inside:

  • Lesson 1, God Manifested In the Flesh
  • Lesson 2, Justified In the Spirit
  • Lesson 3, Seen of Angels
  • Lesson 4, Preached Unto the Gentiles
  • Lesson 5, Believed On In the World
  • Lesson 6, Received Up Into Glory
Cover Photo: Sigrud Decroos, Odenburg, Belgium