If Thou Canst Believe…


If Thou Canst Believe…

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Volume 5, Unit 6

Man has struggled with his faith since the beginning of time. Adam questioned his belief as he sought to apply a new meaning to God’s intent, power, and very words. The Israelites’ faith hung in the balance as they tried to exercise their faith and still be like their surrounding nations. The sinner is challenged to trust in an unseen God and allow the Son’s shed blood cleanse his heart. The believer is challenged to walk by faith and not by sight. All of these scenarios come with promises from God but require the application of faith to be realized. This unit will take a look at what is possible if you can just believe.

What’s Inside:

  • Lesson 1, Christ’s Authority
  • Lesson 2, Christ’s Deity
  • Lesson 3, Christ’s Power
  • Lesson 4, Christ’s Appearance
  • Lesson 5, Christ’s Consistency
  • Lesson 6, Christ’s Will